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Thursday, January 16, 2014

5 Great Reasons to Start a Business

5 Great Reasons to Start a Business

   Folks often start a small business for a variety of reasons. Your reasons to start your own business will be entirely your own and may not be any where near to someone else's. There are, however, plenty of super good reasons to start a business at least some of which you can surely identify with. Why would you not wish to be your own boss, have you ever asked yourself why start a business? Here are some points for you to think on.

Greater Earning Potential

   THE NUMBER ONE reason a lot of people give thought to start a small business is owning a business has far more potentially lucrative ways to make money than being just an employee. If you like the idea of being rich is one of your goals, then starting a business can make that far more likely than punching a clock. It should come as no surprise that some of the wealthiest individuals and most successful companies in the world have small business roots.

What is Your Passion?

   Getting paid to do the passion of your heart is often why some folks may not be following their dreams. Like me who at the age of 71 enjoys doing what I have always wanted to do, and have no love for ever going to work for someone else no matter what the job, industry, or employer. Now there is a huge and obvious difference between a vocation and a passion. More often, what I do in order to pay the bills and what I do because I have a passion for it are not always the same thing. Starting a business can give you the opportunity to turn a something you love to do into a source of income as well. Also you may find one idea leads to several ideas and multiple streams of income.

Better Work Environment at Home

   The opportunity to create a home workplace that is entirely consistent with your beliefs is something that most employees never have the chance to do. Have ever worked in a non friendly environment, or felt stifled at work, or complained about the way things were done, you know how important company culture is. Establishing your own system of values, beliefs that shape your organization and creating the sort of company that you like to work for is incredibly gratifying . Plus I enjoy my commute to my job a whole lot more than you.

Something Makes Sense to Me

   Just a small point, when I began doing my business online via the Internet, the online business community was about two hundred million dollars a year, as of 2012 that figure is at 1.298 trillion dollars and growing at 15 to 20 % a year. I said to myself  I would like a slice of that pie you can hold the whip cream.

Get Your Just Rewards

   I like reaping the rewards of my own efforts is another reason I work for my self and others themselves. Often when you work for someone else, you might go in early, stay late, or come up with an idea that saves the company money. However much of the time, the extra effort you put in goes unrewarded, unacknowledged, or unnoticed. Have you ever felt under-appreciated, passed over, or taken advantage of by your boss, by owning a small business gives you a lot more of a chance to be rewarded commensurately for your hard work. Working for someone else does not offer that kind of incentive. Employees often get paid the same even if the company ships a few extra units or saves some money as a direct result of their efforts. I recall as being a worker getting paid the same whether I worked 40 hours per week or 60. Now every hour I put into or penny I spend on my own business is an investment in my future that has a potentially unlimited return.

Freedom to Enjoy Life

  I like Freedom and flexibility, these are often cited by entrepreneurs as key motivating factors for starting their own business. I would rather start my work day earlier than later but I have the option to do it either way, I work from home more often than not, or I work at coffee shop while I talk with my friends on their business ideas. Despite all of the hard work I faced when I began my new business, I will likely have much more control over the way I spend my time than you would if you were still working at a more traditional job. I do not have to ask permission to take time off and I can schedule work around family time rather than the other way around. I like many former cubicle dwellers who become small business owners can work anywhere there is WiFi.

   One of the things I tell my clients and friends when considering starting a small business, if you do not have it in your heart to do it then don't do it. Most small business start ups fail within the first five years.

   Now I am not a guru, but I own a small business that makes me money almost daily, I am willing to answer questions and since I was a consultant my time is available. I charge by the hour or the job, note I also sell laptops and desktops at very reasonable prices.

   You can contact me via email at or call me at 440-725-9586 ask for Ed. I live in the city of Mentor, Ohio at 6171 Magnolia Drive .